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Baby Spice Lookalike with a Big Black Cock

February 19th, 2017

Hell, when I first saw these pictures I thought that this was the little blonde one from the Spice Girls! I bet she’s had her fair share of big black cock on tour with those other naughty little girls anyway don’t you? The dirty bitch girls they should have called them I reckon; especially that Scary Spice black chick! Anyway, I know it’s not her, but man she looks hot anyway doesn’t she. And tell me, how the fuck can she bend over like that and smile while this guy empties over half a mile of cock into her sweet little wet pussy? She must have a pain threshold that would rival a boxer for fuck sake! How can she do it? I’ll tell you how. I think that this guy has a retractable cock like those joke knives, and what is really happening is that it’s going in on itself as he pushes it into her pussy; she’s not really being penetrated at all!

Of course that’s a load of crap, but I found it funny at the time. Interracial sex isn’t funny at all, it’s just damn horny, and it doesn’t get much hornier that this does it? When tiny little blonde bitches get abused by huge black cocks it’s a something to get very excited about isn’t it? Well it is in my opinion anyway.

Young, Teen Pounded by Black Cock

February 18th, 2017

This little blonde whore looks really young doesn’t she? Even when she’s all dressed up in her sexy, fancy underwear she still only looks around 18 years old. WOW! I would do anything to get my hands on a teen bitch like this and fuck her all day long. This big black dude is always getting blonde bitches like this to suck and fuck his dick every day; I bet he doesn’t even appreciate the attention they give him the son of a bitch! If I had his job I would praise the Lord every morning when I woke up, just for a having such a good job where I get to fuck sexy, young white chicks all day long; who am I kidding, he probably does thank God every morning when he’s polishing the end of cock, ready for its close up!

And talking of close ups, when you look at these pictures you’ll love the ones that allow you to see right into the action; you know the ones I’m talking about don’t you? I mean the ones where you see his big black cock disappearing into her white pussy but you can’t tell where it’s coming from because it’s so big. If you look at it for long enough it could actually be a thin man’s arm shoving up into her sweet little pussy. Hell, some of these big black guys do look like they have an extra arm (or leg) between their legs! Check out all the interracial movies and have a load of fun!

Great Interracial Fuck Movie

February 17th, 2017

Are those crotchless panties that this little whore is wearing? It they are then I am so fucking in love with her it’s unbelievable; and I want to be that big black guy more than anything in the world right now. Whether or not they are crotchless doesn’t really matter anyway, simply because they’re fucking gorgeous, and I cannot comprehend for the life of me why they would take them off her in this interracial fuck movie. Why, when they look so good? Why not just pull them over her cute little ass cheek? That would have been much more sexy in my opinion, and let’s face it, that’s pretty much what you’d do with her if the opportunity ever presented itself wouldn’t you? After all, you wouldn’t want to waste any time before you managed to get inside this lovely piece of ass.

Talking about getting inside this gorgeous babe Sasha Rose , her black guy doesn’t seem to be taking his time either does he? What a big boy he is, and what a lovely big, black cock he’s got on him. The little whore certainly seems very impressed with it, and she wastes no time in getting it stuck in her sweet little mouth and pushed deep into her wet pussy. When that cock thrust into her she must make sounds similar to a pack of wolves on the hunt.If you want to see this hot little bitch and many other hot little whores who love sucking and fucking big black cocks then all you need to do is click the links and go along to see what kind of movies are on offer; there’s always a good selection of interracial fuck movies.

Shaft loves to Shaft

February 17th, 2017

Just look at Shaft giving his huge black cock to this Ebony Goddexxx! He really knows how to fuck them doesn’t he? Hell, even if he knew nothing about fucking women he couldn’t really get much wrong with a cock that big could he? Sheez, if I had a cock that big then I could close my eyes and just prod away at her indiscriminately, safe in the knowledge that I would make her cum by doing very little at all!

These set of pics are a little different. This is more like black on black really, although the two of them are distinctly different shades. I love to fuck a bit of black pussy just as much as I like to see a big black cock fucking a white pussy. Viva la Interracial sex if you ask my opinion. It looks fucking good, feels fucking good, and it sells thousands of DVDs each and every year; so someone out there likes it other than you and I! How could this little whore not enjoy getting Shaft’s big cock shoved into her sweet little hole like that? Ebony Goddexxx looks as happy as someone who has just found a wallet stuffed with cash doesn’t she? I bet the smile of Shaft’s face is even wider than hers don’t you? I bet that he’s grinning like a fucking Cheshire cat and laughing his cock off! Imagine getting paid to fuck the hottest porn stars in the business just because you have a big black cock, that’s certainly something to laugh and smile about if you ask me!

Too Much Black Cock to Handle

February 16th, 2017

Samantha Shaw is a sexy blonde bitch looks a little bit too small and flimsy to take such a weapon into her tight little, wet pussy (it’d need to be really wet to wedge that fucking huge cock in there wouldn’t it?) But she seems to get it in alright doesn’t she? However, it must be pretty damn frustrating for the black guy sticking it into her because he can’t push it all the way it; if he did his big black cock would probably come out of her mouth and she’d be a blonde bitch kebab! I wouldn’t mind being the other end of that to tell the truth, shoving my cock in her mouth as she moaned about the huge black cock in her pussy. Her voice would vibrate around the sides of my cock and make it feel all the more better when she takes it all in there; I could even high five the black guy fucking her from behind.

This blonde looks so small when she has this black guy around it’s unbelievable. When she has his cock in her hand it really looks as though she should be wrapping both hands around it just to tame it before she can put it in her mouth. There is virtually a whole hands distance either side of her own hand when she’s clutching his cock. Interracial sex has never been so good; this blonde bitch looks totally outmatched by this black monster of a cock. It’s not surprising though is it? Just look at the size of that thing, who could be ready to stick that in their mouth and swallow it down? Could you imagine the amount of jizz that’s going to come out of that thing and how much pressure it’s going to make as it comes out that long shaft?

Blonde Bitch Gags on Big, Black Cock

February 15th, 2017

Now this is what I like to see in interracial movies like this. I love to see the white bitch struggling to keep that big fucking black tool in her mouth when she’s sucking it off. They seem to think that they must keep it in their mouth and take it as deep as possible if they want to compete with the other girls. This is not true, and any porn star who is worth anything at all would tell you that this is just a way the film makers use to get women to take loads of cock! This is especially effective on the young women of the porn world; a little like this one in the pictures. You see, young women (particularly teens) are obsessed with their appearance and not always intelligent enough to realise to themselves that they actually look fantastic! So much of their time is spent doing what men want; and we’re not complaining.

So should we tell them that they look fantastic or should we continue to keep them ill informed about just how gorgeous they are, and how hard they make our cocks? Well personally I like to see them getting up to all sorts of interracial activities so I’m for the first one, what about you? Let’s continue to see these self obsessed teen bitches getting nailed good and hard by big, black, hard cocks on big black hard men! It’s the interracial dream of a lifetime.

Indian Slut Sucks the Black Pipe

February 15th, 2017

There really is something to be said about seeing a hot Indian porn bitch sucking on a big black cock like this isn’t there. It looks as though she is smoking some huge bong or something! The only thing she’s likely to get out of that massive implement is a face load of cum if she keep sucking and rubbing it in that way! Now that would be nice to see wouldn’t it? And when you watch this movie you’ll see that she indeed does get a lovely faceful of jizz at the end of the scene (as you see in all good porn, interracial or not!) Personally, if I was a woman (and it has been suggested!) then sucking on a big black cock this big would scare the shit out of me! How the hell do you women stick something that big in your pussy, never mind your mouth! Sheez! You girls must be mad for interracial sex.

Have you noticed that it doesn’t ever seem to be the same the other way around? There aren’t many black women out there who are gagging to get fucked by a white guy! This is because us white guys don’t have big cocks; well, not when you compare them to this tree trunk sized piece of meat pummelling the sweet little pussy of this blonde porn star anyway. This is still the reason why some men are still unnerved by black guys; you’d think we’d have got used to it by now wouldn’t you?

Black on Pink

February 14th, 2017

And man is she dressed in pink! I’ve never seen a bitch in more pink that this one before. The contrast of that big black dude on this bitch in all the pink is certainly very striking isn’t it? Interracial sex always has this way of making me think about what colours match; you could say that I’m an interracial sex stylist; I like them all to go together like coffee and cream. It doesn’t really matter much about any of it though if you don’t have an aesthetic eye for the intricacies of the interracial artist. If you’re more about just how big the black guy’s cock is and how much it makes the white chick scream and moan then that’s fine too. After all this is what porno is all about; if no-one is whacking off to it then there is no point in its existence.

When this black guy has India Babe on top you can still see around half of his cock sticking out of her pussy simply because it won’t fit any further in. This kind of makes her look like some kind of ice lolly or something, with a big black stick to hold onto. She should seriously consider putting a spacer or something on that big cock to prevent her getting seriously injured by its enormity. Her leg muscles must be burning with the effort it takes to keep herself from slipping too far down that huge shaft!

Too small for such a big cock

February 13th, 2017

Interracial sex has never been so good as when you see it on this porn site. You will get to see some of the most classically brilliant interracial sex scenes the porn industry can offer you, and some of the most gorgeous babes including hottie Chloe Cruize and big dicked porn stars there are in the genre. However, when you look at porno shots like these it doesn’t really make any difference who the guy is does it? Well not to us guys it doesn’t, it’s just a cock like any other; black or white. What’s important is the fact that the flimsy looking babe sitting on top if it is getting drilled as deep as humanly possible. Well, it certainly looks like this babe is getting it nice and hard doesn’t it? She doesn’t seem to be phased at all by it either. I would have thought that a girl of this size and stature would be screaming with agony and attempting to lift herself up if she was getting fucked this hard by a cock this big.

Chloe Cruize’s taking it well though isn’t she? Listen to me, I sound like the girl is undergoing some form of medical procedure or something. Well, to be perfectly honest I think that if he shoves that big black cock into her sweet little white pussy any further then he’ll be able to extract her fucking tonsils with that massive weapon of his. Talk about clearing out your system! Who need colonic irrigation when you could get this big black cock to fuck you in the ass and really clean you out?

Hot Blonde Bitch gets a Black Cock

February 13th, 2017

Mia Fortune is a milf who knows what she wants and she goes out without any fucking about and she gets it for herself. There is no stopping a milf when she’s got her mind set on something; I think it must have something to do with her experience. In any case, this milf has decided that she wants some big black cock and she won’t rest until she’s got it. Where she gets it doesn’t really matter, she’s happy just as long as it’s big, black and long. And if you look at these pictures you’ll certainly see that this guy’s cock is certainly black, it’s certainly big, and it’s certainly fucking her good and hard.

Now, it’s times like this that I wish I was a black man because despite what everyone is saying these days about it being a myth about the size of a black guy’s cock, every cock I see on a black man is always fucking massive; it must be pretty true mustn’t it? So there is little wonder that these blonde milf babes want to fuck the black guys these days is there? If I was a blonde babe capable of getting my hands on anyone I wanted I’d do exactly the same; if you’re going to have a cock might as well make it a big one. There is one thing that troubles me about this set of pictures though, and that is the pure size of this monster cock doesn’t look like it would allow it to enter the blonde babe’s mouth, but she’s trying to get it in there anyway! Is she fucking mad, she’ll choke to death on that beast?