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January 16th, 2017

Interracial sex has never been so good as when you see it on this porn site. You will get to see some of the most classically brilliant interracial sex scenes the porn industry can offer you, and some of the most gorgeous babes including hottie Chloe Cruize and big dicked porn stars there are in the genre. However, when you look at porno shots like these it doesn’t really make any difference who the guy is does it? Well not to us guys it doesn’t, it’s just a cock like any other; black or white. What’s important is the fact that the flimsy looking babe sitting on top if it is getting drilled as deep as humanly possible. Well, it certainly looks like this babe is getting it nice and hard doesn’t it? She doesn’t seem to be phased at all by it either. I would have thought that a girl of this size and stature would be screaming with agony and attempting to lift herself up if she was getting fucked this hard by a cock this big.

Chloe Cruize’s taking it well though isn’t she? Listen to me, I sound like the girl is undergoing some form of medical procedure or something. Well, to be perfectly honest I think that if he shoves that big black cock into her sweet little white pussy any further then he’ll be able to extract her fucking tonsils with that massive weapon of his. Talk about clearing out your system! Who need colonic irrigation when you could get this big black cock to fuck you in the ass and really clean you out?

Hot Blonde Bitch gets a Black Cock

January 15th, 2017

Mia Fortune is a milf who knows what she wants and she goes out without any fucking about and she gets it for herself. There is no stopping a milf when she’s got her mind set on something; I think it must have something to do with her experience. In any case, this milf has decided that she wants some big black cock and she won’t rest until she’s got it. Where she gets it doesn’t really matter, she’s happy just as long as it’s big, black and long. And if you look at these pictures you’ll certainly see that this guy’s cock is certainly black, it’s certainly big, and it’s certainly fucking her good and hard.

Now, it’s times like this that I wish I was a black man because despite what everyone is saying these days about it being a myth about the size of a black guy’s cock, every cock I see on a black man is always fucking massive; it must be pretty true mustn’t it? So there is little wonder that these blonde milf babes want to fuck the black guys these days is there? If I was a blonde babe capable of getting my hands on anyone I wanted I’d do exactly the same; if you’re going to have a cock might as well make it a big one. There is one thing that troubles me about this set of pictures though, and that is the pure size of this monster cock doesn’t look like it would allow it to enter the blonde babe’s mouth, but she’s trying to get it in there anyway! Is she fucking mad, she’ll choke to death on that beast?

Blonde Hair, Rosy Cheeks and Big Black Cock

January 14th, 2017

This beautiful blonde with rosy red cheeks looks a little like a doll doesn’t she? Well, I think she does anyway; like one of those painted china dolls. So you’d expect her to be treated nice and gently wouldn’t you, perhaps with a certain degree of care and attention? Well not on this site she won’t! Not when Mr. Shaft is on the case. And with a black shaft like this fucker, no-one is safe. She doesn’t seem fazed too much by it though, and in the movie she certainly shows her courage in the face of adversity. You couldn’t get much more adverse conditions than being faced with a cock that’s actually bigger than your right arm could you? Interracial sex has never been this good!

So the next time you’re on the market looking for a new interracial fuck video, don’t neglect this little babe here, and if you can get this movie with Mr. Shaft giving it to her nice and hard then this is the one you should go for believe me. What I love most about it is the way in which the seemingly perfect looking blonde babe, with all the nice clothes, underwear and make-up, suddenly becomes the screaming mad, interracial fuck whore as soon as she sees Mr. Shaft and his big…well his big shaft! This babe is one of the best, and the movie is probably the best I’ve seen in 2010 so far. Don’t miss this interracial masterpiece. I’m telling you that if they had an interracial Oscars then this one would get best actor, actress, director, and all the other shit that the Hollywood movies get. Best black on blonde fuck would be my favourite though!

Lee Logan likes her cock black

January 13th, 2017

How would you like your coffee Miss Logan, black? And how would you like your cock, black too? Damn right she would! Lee Logan loves her man to be black, and she loves him to have what every black man is said to have; a fucking huge black cock! There is no room for political correctness when it comes to hardcore, interracial pornography, and Lee Logan knows it. When she’s having a good fuck with her black man she makes sure she gets as much of that huge black barge pole of a cock into her tight, wet little pussy as humanly possible! Personally when I first saw her take a black cock in there, I have to say that I didn’t think it would fit to be honest!

Now, when Lee Logan isn’t taking that huge cock into her pussy, and when it isn’t gripped between her delicate little hands, then it’s trying to snake its way into the back of her throat for a good old fashioned, interracial face fuck. Now this is something I like to see just as much as an interracial pussy fuck, and even some interracial anal sex (which is loads of fun if you get a particularly tight asshole to penetrate!) This black guy has certainly met his match when it comes to Lee Logan, because this little bitch will not be beaten, and she will most definitely take all of that cock if she can, and she will take it where she can! Watch out for Lee Logan in all your favourite interracial sex movies out now!

Celebrating with some Black Cock

January 12th, 2017

This interracial sex fan seems to be celebrating something. It can’t be the fact that it’s her first time with a big black cock because she doesn’t look nervous enough, so it’s probably some form of anniversary or something. Maybe she’s celebrating the fact that this is her 100th fuck with a big black cock over the 8 inches mark! Now that’s worth a thought isn’t it? And I bet it starts up a dozen different websites!

Anyway, our black guy will soon make her put down that champagne glass, primarily because she’ll have to hold onto something due to the rough pounding she’s going to get. When they come back to the black guy for a second go and her remembers them from last time he always treats them a little rougher, just how they like it. Her tits swing around freely and lovely while he pokes his big cock into her pussy. She gasps and virtually cums there and then.

Shaft! – You’re Damn Right!

January 12th, 2017

Shaft is the man, who can fuck a white bitch until she screams for mercy – Shaft! I could change the lyrics to that tune all day long, and I mean the Issac Hayes version not any other new fucking thing that they may or may not have brought out since the movie. When you see this hot little black cock loving whore taking this huge weapon into her mouth, you can’t help think about the guy who owns such an awesome weapon. I always think of him as Shaft from the movie Shaft; well, it’s a logical conclusion since that’s what the video manufacturers call him. He’s certainly got the shaft to go with his name anyway, so it’s worth a look isn’t it?

Having a cock this big can sometimes put the girls off a little, and let’s face it, if you were faced with something that big to get in your mouth, you’d be a little bit put off wouldn’t you? However, this little whore finds plenty of places for this huge weapon and she keeps the crowd happy at the same time. This big black, powerful cock finds its way into her pussy, in her mouth and even between her tits. Personally I like the one between the tits because this is my favourite sexual position (non intercourse of course!). When you see this black rod pumping like crazy in between those titties you just know that he’s going to pop his cork soon; and there is nothing I like to see more than cum shooting all over a lovely big pair of tits. I suppose that there is one thing I would rather see, and that would be my own cum popping over a huge pair of tits!

Pink Fishnet Girl gets Interracially Pounded

January 11th, 2017

Now that’s a nice looking top isn’t it? What is it with all these porno stars and their fluorescent tops these days, I feel like we’re back in the eighties when I used to where one fluorescent pink sock and one fluorescent yellow one. I suppose it doesn’t make much difference when you’re being pounded by a massive black cock like this one though anyway. And look at the size of that thing, he’s impaling this little teen babe on the end of that spear of his. He’s dangerous and should be locked away with an offensive weapon such as that.

But in all seriousness, the interracial sex in this movie really is something else entirely. Just when you think you’ve seen all you can from a black cock fucking a white pussy (well, pink if we were being accurate) you see this little bitch taking on this anaconda of a cock. When she opens her mouth for it you honestly think that she’s going to be sick as he pushes inch by inch into her mouth and down into her throat. What the hell is the matter with this girl, has she no gag reflexes or something? She is the perfect black cock, deep throat expert and she’d teach a few of these cheaper porn stars a thing or too if they’d only care to watch for a few minutes. You seriously need to check out this black cock going into this hot little white bitch, it really is something to marvel at. I jerked off for days over this movie, and all I wanted to be when I’d finished was black!

Nice ass babe in interracial sex dream

January 10th, 2017

We’ll ignore the fact that we can see her tan lines in this picture and we’ll move onto how she handles a big black man’s cock; we can only hope she deals with it better than she does her bottle of fake tan! Just kidding, I’m sure it’s all natural before you all start sending me messages complaining about my correctness! But back to fundamentals anyway. This hot little bitch with the tan (no matter where it comes from) has been a bad girl and she needs a bit of punishment. But us being us thought that her punishment should come at our enjoyment. So we’ve decided to have her fucked into next week by one of the biggest black cocks in the industry today. Wait until you actually see her on camera trying to handle this thing, it’s like putting someone with no legs on a motorcycle for Christ’s sake. She tries really hard to keep up with the interracial stuff but you can see that she’s struggling.

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t struggle with that fucking huge, great big cock stuck inside you like that? Personally, if I was a woman I wouldn’t go within a mile of one of those anaconda sized cocks, I’d be worried they would come out of my mouth or something! But in all seriousness, it is mightily entertaining to see this hot little bitch getting fucked by her big black guy, and I would recommend it to anyone out there into interracial porno.

Tight Pussy Grips Black Cock

January 10th, 2017

When you see this babe’s tight little pussy it makes you feel more than a little sorry for her when she tries to take that big black bargepole of a cock in there. It really doesn’t look natural, and it looks as though she might actually hurt herself if either of them push much harder. I’ll put you all out of your misery though, because in this interracial fuck fest of a film, she actually does get past this pain barrier and it actually turns out that the tightness of her pussy is the best thing for both of them since it never really loosens up that much. She loves it when his big black cock slams into her and misses slightly, nudging and rubbing her clit nice and hard (it isn’t easy hitting such a small whole with such a big fucking pole is it?)

When you see this black dude’s cock come out of this bitch’s pussy for the first time you will swear that you hear and audible pop. To see a cock end that size emerge from a pussy that size is still one of the wonders of the world. Perhaps we should write to the world records or something about it? She looks so young too doesn’t she? But that, we have found, is one of the greatest and best selling factors when it comes to interracial porno in general you know. When you, the viewing public (whether it’s free or whether you pay for it) actually prefer to see younger women getting pounded by big black cocks than the older ones. And would you believe that this has nothing to do with looks or firmness of body, or anything like that? This is because a teen looks vulnerable and ever so slightly abused when she’s being fucked by a big black cock. This is what gets us off the most, and I can see why it’s attractive.

Hot Black Cock on Skinny White Body

January 9th, 2017

Have you ever seen a big black cock spray its load of cum all over a skinny little white whore? You probably have because your search has brought you here (welcome), but if you haven’t then you are indeed in for a real interracial treat. When you see the black meat pounding away at this little teen bitch (who incidentally is a real fucking interracial addict sex whore!) then you’ll never go anywhere else for your blacks on white porn again! These black on white DVDs will have you shooting in your pants just by looking at the pictures on the cover, never mind the fucking previews! I simply love them and I know you’re going to love them too, so get your cock out and give them the once over.

This particular babe in the picture, the one I’ve already identified as a black cock loving whore, is probably one of the most proficient big, black cock suckers in the business. I’ve never seen a little teen bitch like this suck on a black cock so easily and not complain or gag like the other pathetic little fuckers. She puts them all to shame! In fact I think that her cock sucking mouth is so big it would probably take two big black cocks in there without even splitting the sides. I’m going to call her the black bong smoker because there isn’t anything you couldn’t put in her mouth, she’d be sure to suck it all the way down!

And when you see her getting drilled by those big cocks, well this is just as good, but it’s quite clear that she can fit more in her mouth than she can in her wet pussy! This is strange I know, but this babe has a particularly delicate little pussy that requires some extra gentle treatment (that she ain’t going to get from this big fucking weapon!)